"My process of painting begins with an urge. An urge to paint something that comes from within me. I work in my sketchbooks until I get a composition that I am happy with, and then I start to paint.

I employ symbolism in both traditional and a personal way. Sometimes implicitly, sometimes explicitly. I have found a way to translate my life onto the canvas. Everyone needs to express themselves. Everyone needs to make sense of their life. I do this through painting."

Glasgow based artist Daria Zapala graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Opole with Masters in printmaking and multimedia.  She works from her studio situated in Glasgow's Merchant City. In 2014 she has returned to painting.

Her inspiration comes from life. She also studies works of the old masters and follows the spiritual ways in research of symbolism. Well versed in identity of the fine arts she varies her techniques combining them into profoundly original and personal artwork. Having been trained academically, she has the ability to paint in a realistic or a representational way, but she combines these skills with decorative patterns, leaks of paint, scratches and other expressive marks, adding to or removing from the canvas depending on how she feels.